Sandra's story

Sandra joined Hoyland Leisure Centre to do early morning swims and finished up using the gym and meeting new people who have become friends.

Sandra joined her local leisure centre to improve her health

I am a retired nurse with some health issues. As most of my hobbies are sedentary like knitting, puzzles and reading I needed to do some exercise to keep active. As I’m an early riser I like to do my exercise in the morning, leaving the rest of the day to do what I like.  

Now I do an hour and a half walk every morning and use resistance bands for muscle toning. Before lockdown and shielding I went to Hoyland Leisure Centre, five mornings a week. I did early morning swims, used the gym and took part in Step, Pilates and Aquacise classes, which I hope to continue with as soon as we can get back to ‘normal’.  

I exercise because I want to keep as mobile as possible and it helps keep my health issues stabile, I feel more energised when I’ve been out walking or have visited the leisure centre. 

After caring for my husband who suffered from Alzheimer’s, when he passed away six years ago, I was at a loss, so I joined Hoyland Leisure Centre. I felt my confidence returning, it keeps my weight stable and I feel happier, which pushes me to achieve more and keep going. I love the social atmosphere of the leisure centre and hopefully will be able to get back to it soon. I love my morning walks though and will try to continue them as well. I did the ‘Walk all Over Cancer challenge in March, walking 10,000 steps every day.  

My advice is to start small, don’t be over ambitious, ask a friend to join you so you can support each other and keep a record of your activity because you’ll soon see how you’re improving. Don’t feel bad if you have an off day, don’t give up. I joined Hoyland Leisure Centre to do early morning swims and finished up using the gym and meeting new people who have become friends who encourage each other. You don’t have to join a gym; you’ll be surprised how many people you meet walking.