Joan's story

Joan does exercise in the house to keep her active and feeling good.

Joan's story

I have had Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) most of my life, but it wasn’t officially diagnosed until about four years ago. In addition to COPD, I also have angina, have been prescribed Oxygen and have been registered blind due to macular degeneration since my early fifties 

About 3 years ago, my doctor sent me to a special clinic so that I could participate in a range of exercises to keep my heart and lungs active.  Since COVID and the various lockdown restrictions, I haven’t been able to participate in my usual activities outside of my home, so I have continued with a daily range of exercises at home 

I make sure that I keep active around the house by doing my household chores and I find this keeps me moving. also use a chair to complete 40 stand up and sit-down movements. I then go to the back of the chair and do 40 squats, using the chair to hold on to keep me from losing my balance. I also use resistance bands to stretch my arms and legs. 

Due to my health conditions, it’s important for me to keep going, keep my blood circulating and my heart and lungs pumping. I know that from keeping active, my joints stay supple and it is good for my overall health. 

I have been active all my life, but it is only in the last four years after my condition was diagnosed, that I have made more of a conscious effort. 

After I complete my exercises, I do feel much better and more mentally alert. It also gives me a sense of achievement because I know that I am positively contributing to my own health and wellbeing.  My friends often comment about my energy levels and wish they could be like me! 

Don’t use age as a barrier from keeping yourself active.  It is more important than ever as we get older, to keep ourselves moving because it does wonders for your mental health and it slows down the aging process. 

And remember, it’s never too late to start!