George's story

Every year George finds a different activity that poses new challenges for him.

George's love for sports

Being active is very much a part of my everyday routine, whether that be with work or in my own time.  

Personally, I will have a go at anything, and everything to be active and move more. Walking, running, climbing, team sports, individual sports, active holidays, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, camping, whatever offers itself at the time I will dive in headfirst. 

Every year I find and love a different activity that poses new challenges for me personally. Not too dissimilar to how a new game in PE grabs the attention of the whole class, I find shaking up the routine and keeping things fresh excites and motivates me to bring my best. I have always purposefully found active jobsPrimary Teacher, Head Adventure Councillor for camps in the USA and now here in Barnsley with Ad Astra. Each role, no matter where in the world, had one thing in common; to encourage the pursuit of the outdoors for physical wellbeing.  

Growing up, unless you met me on the running track or on a football pitch you would have seen a shy young boy who questioned his capabilities. I owe who I am to the world of sport and those who guided me along the way. 

Without a doubt sport has not only improved my physical health but also greatly strengthened my mental health. My attitude towards difficult situations, my positivity, my passion for the work I do, my resilience and ambitions; all have been amplified to levels I never thought possible.  

Whether you want an individual challenge or simply some fun with new people, there is something out there for everyone! 

After years of participating in an active lifestyle and reflecting on who I am today compared to who I once was, I say this… 

When you are a stranger to the active/sporting world it is impossible to understand just how much of yourself is left to be found.