Becky's story

Becky's story on how she became active again

Becky's story on how she started getting active again

I’m a mum to two boys and work three days a week. I try to run three or four times a week, after work or on my days off.  

I enjoy running, whether that be on the treadmill or if I take to the streets. 

It was my GP that recommended that I should try running as I was suffering from a lot of personal issues and I don’t like to take tablets.  

Running for me gives me peace, I have my music on, and I run until I feel that release of stress and upset. I feel proud that I’m able to put my issues into something I love to do, and I get to feel the benefit from it.  

Being active has changed a lot for me and the main thing is my mental health, I feel less worked up when I’m able to run and my body has changed, not only do I feel healthy but I’ve toned up and lost weight, running now helps me maintain what I’ve lost.   

My advice is to just try it, it doesn’t matter about how fast you go or how far you run. Sometimes the little runs are the best and at least you’re out there giving it a go. I have two tags on my running trainersthey say, she believed she could…so she did.”