What's your move champions

What's Your Move Champions

In Barnsley, our What's Your Move Champions have been sharing their story on how they became active. If you enjoy being Active and want to help others, become a What's Your Move Champion.

What our champions do

Sometimes the best way we get active is because our work colleagues, friends or family encourage us to get involved. Helping each other to take the first step in being more active or try a new activity is so important.  What's Your Move champions are a network of people who are really passionate about Barnsley being as active as it can be.  

What's Your Move champions come in all shapes and sizes and take part in being active for a whole range of reasons. They all do different things to help people around them to find their move. Read our champions stories.

Our champions are

    • Positive about encouraging people to be active.
    • Promote, share and support the What's Your Move campaign.
    • Support people to become active in their organisation, social group or community.
    • Connect their ambassador work on how they are supporting people to be active through social media.
    • Contribute and help shape what being active means in your organisation, social group or community.

How to get involved

If you would like to become a champion or share your story then we would love to hear from you. 

Complete our What's Your Move enquiry if you would like to become a champion.