This girl can

This Girl Can

This Girl Can aims to celebrate all of the amazing ways that women manage to fit exercise into their busy lives. Women come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish or an expert. The brilliant thing is you’re a woman and you’re doing something.

Fear of judgement, lacking confidence, not having enough time, there are a whole host of practical and emotional barriers that prevent many women and girls from being more active.

Where do I start

No one gets to choose how you exercise other than you. Your body, your call. And whatever that looks like, we think it’s worth celebrating. This Girl Can, funded by The National Lottery, believes that there’s no right way to get active. 

#FitGotReal was launched in October 2018 and seeks to challenge the idea of what conventional exercise looks like. It aims to inspire more women and girls to wiggle, jiggle and move in any way they can. Find out more about This Girl Can.

Find your Move

When it comes to finding ways to move, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
There are many, many ways to be active, including some that people may not realise actually count.

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