Active for mental wellbeing

Active for mental wellbeing

It doesn’t matter if you are new to being active or are currently active, physical activity is hugely important to your mental health. It is important that being active is the right thing for you and we understand that it can be sometimes hard to continue or start being active. we are here to help!  

The good news is that being active can help us all in so many different ways 

    • Improved Mood  
    • Reduced and Control Stress  
    • Increased Self-Esteem and Achievement  
    • Preventing and Managing Depression and Anxiety  
    • Reduces the Risk of Serious Conditions 
    • Improve your Quality of Life  
    • Help to develop social connections  

Find out more about the benefits of being active. 

Mental health support services

Barnsley and Rotherham MIND 

We are committed to supporting those in need by promoting good mental health and offering high quality support so that no-one feels alone when dealing with mental health problems. 

Find out more about Barnsley and Rotherham MIND 

Creative Minds

Creative Minds deliver and run projects for local people, to develop individuals’ and communities’ mental, physical and psychological wellbeing. Our approaches are around creative activities, sports and hobbies. Find out more about Creative Minds.


Elefriends is an online peer support platform, which is a free and supportive space where individuals can link up with others, sharing tips, ideas and encouragement on how to get active. 

Find out more about Elefriends.


Samaritans of Barnsley have been offering emotional support to people in the Barnsley community for 50 years. 

Find out more about Samaritans.

The Recovery College Barnsley  

Is a local centre that can provide you with some support and advice around mental health and being active. The recovery college delivers lots of activities such as Wellbeing Walks, running and cycling programmes  

Find out more about The Recovery College Barnsley.